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Internationally recognized, it is a comprehensive system, providing study materials to help students aged 6 to 16 master English and Maths. It also offers a fun and stimulating approach to learning, with a strong focus on developing the child as a whole. Various teaching methods and educational resources are used to improve problem solving, creative thinking and study skills. The workshops comprise a mixture of written work and hands-on resources/learning activities (some even call them games!) which help the children learn through a multi-sensory approach. With so much focus on the individual student, MagiKats offers a great alternative to private support and is also excellent for children with special needs.

The mission is to provide children with the necessary skills, attitude, knowledge and resilience that will set them apart and tap into their creativity and potential.To ‘ignite that spark’ by building their self-esteem and showing them that they can do it. To start them on a path of life-long independent learning.

The mentors hold a general certificate of secondary education and are experienced in working with a range of ages and know that a teenager will need a completely different approach to a younger child. However, issues such as building confidence, developing self-discipline are common in all age groups.


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Opening hours

Mon–Thu 14:00–16:00, Sat 09:15–17:00, Sun 14:00–16:00.


+971 4 453 7720
+971 55 297 2947



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