Level8 | Rooftop Restaurant

Level8 | Rooftop Restaurant

LEVEL8 (formerly Koyla Rooftop) is the freshest face to the most established cafe premise in UAE.


With an incredible selection of drinks, Level8 is the ideal place to catch up with friends at an amazing location with a cool atmosphere. 


Image & Video Credit: Level8 | Rooftop Restaurant

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 17:00–03:00.


Kids Activity: 0 AED





دبي الجداف دبي

How to get there?

How to Reach us by self drive?
-From Hotel lobby driving path... 
-Exit to roundabout outside 
-Turn right and drive along the curved road for about 7 seconds u will see a level8 board. 
-Down to basement turn right. 
-1st left down to B2
-Then left left left park near 2001 or 2133. The lift is behind 2133.
-These lifts from B2 to G.
-At B2 u will find a cordon. It's due to the IPL team staying at the hotel. 
-The security will guide u across the lobby to the other lifts. 
-Go up to Level8 and walk across the path. Sorry guys. 

How to reach us by Taxi?
-From Hotel lobby walking in.... 
-Turn right as u enter the lobby walk a few steps and the lifts on the left. 
-Go up to Level8 and walk across the open path. Sorry guys.