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Online Prenatal Workshop - November

Online Prenatal Workshop - November

Prepare yourselves to welcome your baby into the world with our comprehensive workshop spread over 3 evenings.


Gain new knowledge in pre and post-natal physiotherapy, nutrition, breastfeeding, childbirth, sleeping strategies and baby care.

Learn and ask all your questions about:

  • Preparation for delivery
    • What to bring, birth plan, labour and pain relief
    • Vaginal delivery & birth positions, Caesarean section
    • Induction of labour and instrumental deliveries
    • Baby care (skin-to-skin, swaddling, bathing and Nappy care)
    • Gentle strategies and proven methods for your little ones to sleep better
  • Physiotherapy approach to physical health of the mother
    • Pelvic floor health and perineal massage
    • Diastasis, safe movement & sleeping positions
    • Prevention of injury & physical activity during pregnancy
  • Optimal nutrition
    • Prenatal and breastfeeding essentials for the mother and the baby
    • Balance eating and supplementation
    • Meal planning and strategies to prepare for busy time
    • Feeding your baby (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, winding and pumping)


  • Introduction and Q&A Prenatal Yoga
  • Introduction and Q&A Hypnobirthing

Dates: Nov 22 - 24 at 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Registration required: Call 2 441 3316 or Whatsapp +971 56639 5889 to get more information!


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