Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose

Why is movement important for child development?


Research shows that encouraging free movement can give children space todevelop self-awareness, to learn non-verbal ways of communicating and to get to know themselves and their body. Children can learn their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination and endurance. The role of active play has been established not just as a part of learning, but as the basis for overall healthy social and emotional development. We call it "PLAY WITH PURPOSE". Read our latest article in the leading parent education magazine "Absolutely Education" to learn more.

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Class scedule:


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Mon–Wed 10:00–20:00, Thu–Fri 10:00–21:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–20:00.



Telephone number

+971 4 343 2442



Beach Park Plaza Centre, Shop number 13, Beach Road, Jumeirah

How to get there?

Make a U turn under the canal bridge to end up in the front of the gym. Or park in the back side.