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Granados & Goya Concert

Granados & Goya Concert

Enrique Granados fell in love with Francisco Goya's paintings while composing his piano suite, Goyescas.


Heavily influenced by Goya's romantic and luminous works, Goyescas is melodic as well as poetic. Dr Estela Ibáñez-García, currently teaching at The University of Hong Kong, will show us how Granados used his musicality to echo the Goyaesque universe, as well as the historical and cultural background of both the music and the paintings. Local budding pianist Crystal Lam will then perform the selected pieces of Goyescas. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the connections between these two great and influential artists.


Enrique Granados: Goyescas (Piano Suite) 

  • No 3 - The Oil Lamp Fandango 
  • No 4 - Complaints or the Maiden and the Nightingale 
  • No 7 - The Straw Man

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