Hong Kong Treble Choir

Founded in 2000 as a registered charitable organization with world-renowned choral experts being the leading figures; and closely connected with World Youth and Children Choral Artists' Association, Hong Kong Treble Choir (HKTC) often plays host to top-tier international maestros. The Choir remains committed to promoting choral arts, cultivating cultural sensitivity, and offering the most conducive ambience for learning. Upholding the principle of 'Happy Learning', HKTC strives to develop children's creativity, expressiveness and interests in singing with professional choral training and a wide range of performance opportunities.


Image Credit: Hong Kong Treble Choir

Opening hours

Tue–Thu 10:00–19:00, Fri 10:00–21:00, Sat 09:30–19:00, Sun 11:00–13:00.




+(852) 23110811



Hong Kong
Room 903, 9/F, Park Commercial Centre, 180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Hong Kong