Bespoke Perfume Making Workshop

Bespoke Perfume Making Workshop

After traveling to Grasse, the “world perfume capital”, to study perfume making and also being certified as a professional aromatherapist by the UK IFA, the founder developed the “Bespoke Perfume Making Workshop” with her years of perfume creation experience and professional knowledge.


In the workshop, the guests may select the Heart Bases, which represent different moods and situations, then match different Personality Notes that represent them. Through the selection, their state of mind and inner personality are revealed. Finally, a customized Eau de Parfum with a unique personal style, beautiful layering, and high longevity is self-created. The perfume bottle is also labeled with a customized name and a unique formula code, making it a distinctive and personalized gift. The perfume formula will be kept for future re-ordering. The process of self-exploration through exposing to aroma will be even more amusing if you participate together with your friends. Let our professional instructor take you to an unforgettable personal perfumery journey.

  • Let your enthusiastic and friendly instructor guide you through each step
  • Create a perfect and personalized gift for your loved ones back home
  • Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and join a relaxing perfume making class


Image Credit: Klook


Mon–Fri 12:00–19:30, Sat–Sun 12:00–18:00.




Bespoke Perfume Making Workshop: 495 HKD (per person)


Hong Kong
Room 903, Koon Fook Centre, 9 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong