Leadership Sports Hong Kong

Leadership Sports Hong Kong

Leadership Sports provide a variety of sports training. We specialize in the field of basketball coaching/training.

Our basketball lessons are specially designed with the particular age group and their abilities in mind. We have lessons available for 5-7 yrs, 8-10 and 10-12 years old.


5-7 years old

Our fundamentals class for younger kids consists of special drills using available tools and techniques to teach them agility, basic ball handling, passing and understanding that they are playing with a team.


8-10 years old


As the kids progress and get little bit older, with their fundamental skills intact, we teach more complex skills and more complex team work. Such as thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead and making strategy in the game. Our main aim is to develop confidence in the child so he and she can understand when to be aggressive or when to be passive according to the game status. We also encourage kids to be team captains at this age, and learn how to instruct other kids, communicate clearly and handle basic things like disagreements among team members and come up with solutions.

11-14 years old


For 11-14 years age group, the course is not easy and it requires many strategic drills, understanding complex game plays, and mainly handling your team. Each child is given an opportunity to become a team captain, regardless of his skill. This is to understand that leadership is about allocating the right leverage in the right place. The child is thought strategies of the game and he or she is responsible for understanding different skills of different team members and winning the game.


Our course is not like the other basketball courses, where children are given same drills over and over again, and all they do is learn how to dribble and shoot but fail to learn team work and team management. The time a child spends in playing sports needs to be more productive and a child can learn key life lessons such as handling other team members, handling disappointments, handling failures and learning from it. He or she also has to play a part of a motivator and of course needs to learn self motivation in order to achieve their goals. These lessons we believe will not just help them in sports, but help them throughout their lives in different areas.


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