Arts & Crafts Studio New Products Release – Be My Flora

Arts & Crafts Studio New Products Release – Be My Flora

This Enzyme paste is made from more than 80 different Brazilian wild and organic vegetables, wild plants, fruits and legumes, carefully selected according to macrobiotic theory, slowly matured and fermented for 8 years in Hidaka, Hokkaido.
The ingredients are completely pesticide free and grown in a land free of environmental pollution.
No white sugar, preservatives, colourings, flavours, artificial sweeteners or additives are used.

As a fermented food, it is safe to eat every day.

“be my flora” is created for busy people who are unable to maintain an ideal diet, which is essential for improving intestinal flora. By simply taking “be my flora” every day, anyone can easily develop the same intestinal flora as if they were following an ideal diet.
All clinical data has been obtained.

Intestinal flora
Our intestines are home to more than 5,000 types of bacteria and microorganisms, numbering as many as 100 trillion. When viewed under a microscope, these bacteria and microorganisms look like a flower garden, hence the name “intestinal flora”.
In the intestines, there are “good” bacteria, “bad” bacteria, and “opportunistic” bacteria that change their functions depending on physical conditions.
The intestinal environment is called the “second brain,” and it is deeply related to our health and mental state.

  • TIME: 11:30am – 6:30pm
  • VENUE: H401, Hollywood

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15–30 June, See the website for the opening hours.


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