Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy Clouds is a story about FayFay, a little girl who is trying to fly to the clouds because she believes that the clouds taste like cotton candy. She starts her journey with her pet bird LinLin. LinLin reminds FayFay that the sky is not as calm as it seems. Instead, there is unknown danger between layers of clouds.  LinLin doesn't think FayFay would achieve the goal. FayFay tells LinLin that she can get her answer if she could find Miss Rainbow.  Meanwhile, Mr. Storm is hiding behind the clouds and expecting FayFay to come…

A new aerial dance performance for Tai Kwun Circus Plays by Hong Kong Circus, Cotton Candy Clouds will have audiences soaring from the Parade Ground at Tai Kwun in search of the taste of clouds.

Come to Tai Kwun during the weekend and join the aerial dances to fly to the clouds!



Image Credit: Tai Kwun Centre For Heritage & Arts


17–30 June, See the website for the opening hours.







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