Little Bush Crafters

Little Bush Crafters

In this new adventure they are taking you on a journey to feel truly safe and at home in the forest!

From base in TSH they will bring the kids on an adventure in the bush where bushcraft skills, storytelling and nature awareness all combines into an empowering learning experience. One day they might prepare for a wild boar hunt,find tracks or navigate way through the bush, on another one we explore rocks and caves along our stream , make shelters and cook  own meal over a campfire .
The perfect program to rewild your child.

They might be a bit dirty when they get home and smell like campfire but they will be learning many skills while having the time of their lives under the careful eye of their team!

HK Forest Adventures don't encourage caregivers or parents to accompany on this program as they want to foster independence and growth for the child, and the group.


Credit: image of HK Forest Adventures


27 January, 10:00–13:00.




3 hours: 300 HKD

Telephone number

+852 5238 2377



Hong Kong
Hong Kong Forest Adventures