Spanish Courses for Teens (10 - 14 years old)

Spanish Courses for Teens (10 - 14 years old)

Come & Join Spanish Courses for Teens (10 - 14 years old)!


At this age, their knowledge of the world is much bigger. Now they need new textbooks that meet their new interests. They are not kids anymore and they’ll be preparing important exams soon. Let’s face the challenge together whilst having fun at the same time!

  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Fee: 4,725 HKD
  • Class Size: 2 - 7 students

Spanish Courses for other age groups:


Image Credit: The Spanish Academy Hong Kong


8 April - 31 December, See the website for the opening hours.




Fee: 4725 HKD (21 hours)


Hong Kong
Suite 701, Keen Hung Bldg, 80 Queen’s Road East. Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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