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Master Go Go Go

Master Go Go Go

The three children are obsessed with the video game “Havoc in the Heavenly Courts,” causing them to ignore their family and slack off with homework. Beating the game magically sends them to the Heavenly Court, where they are defeated by the Heavenly Soldiers. The Heavenly General punishes the trio by sending them back in time to learn about the basics of life. The trio then go on an adventure filled with ink paintings, chopsticks, and Cantonese Opera while seeking out the mysterious Masters. The only way home is to earn the three clues to “Basis of I”, “Basis of Family” and “Basis of Nation” through learning valuable lessons from children of the past on culture, family, and more.

Artistic Team:
Kids from Cha Duk Chang Children's Cantonese Opera Association


The Image Credit: West Kowloon Cultural District




Tickets from: 100 HKD



Hong Kong
Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre