Amazing Castle

Challenge your mental and physical prowess together as a team in this first-in-Asia entertainment play centre!

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  • Seven Heaven

Ball pits that only fill up to your knees are so basic. Seven Heaven lets you dive into a huge sea of plastic balls, where the challenge is to race from corner to corner to activate game buttons when they flash green.

Be warned that it is quite an intense battle against physics that will have you engaging muscles you didn’t even know you possessed. Here’s a tip: make full use of the 2 ropes to hoist yourself across.

  • Scream

A super simple concept, but one that’ll have the entire squad in stitches nonetheless. To score points in Scream, you and your teammates take turns to bellow into the soundproofed pod. The louder, shriller and more thunderous your yell, the better chances of your team clinching the #1 spot of the leaderboard.

  • IQ Basketball

The unadulterated joy of shooting some hoops is universally appreciated. Instead of mindlessly tossing till your arms get sore, IQ Basketball presents you with trivia questions that are answered based on which basket you sink the ball into.

  • Shoot The Goblin

Essentially a carnival-style game of hitting enemies with ball tosses, Shoot The Goblin has an elevated difficulty factor due to its moving parts. The external wheel circles the board of goblins and swishes the balls away, making it extra tricky to aim for only the enemies that light up.

  • Goons

A simple game to warm up your reflexes, all you have to do is touch – or smack, if you’re the slightly more forceful type – the target buttons when they light up. Goons starts off easy-peasy, but the acceleration amps up towards the end and you’ll be creating some windmill-like movements fanning your arms around at max speed.

  • Dragon Tower

Imagine being enclosed in a rotisserie carousel, feet going pitter-patter as you circle a soft foamy treadmill trying your best to duck under the head and jump over the tail to dodge a fire-breathing dragon.


Images Credit: Amazing Castle

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 11:00–21:00.


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201 Victoria St #03-21 Bugis+, Singapore 188067