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Chingay Parade 2020

Chingay Parade 2020 


To provide a platform for more people to be involved in Chingay, Chingay 2020 Community Engagement Programme (CEP) named 'Bridge of Harmony' will be rolled out from late August to October 2019. This CEP is a fun and simple activity that encourages all Singaporeans and residents from all walks of life to contribute towards co-creating the PA60 Bridge of Harmony Float which will be featured at Chingay Parade as well as the various Chingay 2020 @ Heartlands events. 

As part of celebrating the People’s Association (PA) 60th Anniversary next year, Chingay 2020 will feature a PA60 Bridge of Harmony float that symbolises the efforts of PA in building and bridging various communities in Singapore together to work, play and live in harmony over the last six decades. Over the years, there are many heart-warming stories seen around us that portray our community spirit of Diversity, Inclusiveness, Care, Courage, Innovation and Excellence.

To celebrate this strong community spirit that have kept us united as One Singapore, Chingay 2020 Community Engagement Programme (CEP) will encourage Singaporeans and residents from all walks of life to co-create the PA60 Bridge of Harmony float by designing their very own ‘Harmony’ tiles, which will be used to form part of the float.  Residents can draw or write what community in harmony means to them and at the same time pledge their confidence and commitment towards building the future of Singapore.

This CEP has commenced at various events island-wide from now to November 2019 and we invite YOU to join us at one the following events to design your ‘Harmony’ tile for the PA60 Bridge of Harmony Float for Chingay 2020!

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Parade 1/ Category 1 / 31 January 2020: 50 SGD
Parade 1/ Category 2 / 31 January 2020: 40 SGD
Parade 1/ Category 3 / 31 January 2020: 28.5 SGD
Parade 2 /Category 1/ 1 February 2020: 60 SGD
Parade 2 /Category 2 / 1 February 2020: 50 SGD
Parade 2 /Category 2 / 1 February 2020: 28.5 SGD

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