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Young Innovator Coding Class

Young Innovator Coding Class

Codingal is the #1 coding platform for K-12, with a mission to inspire school students to fall in love with coding at a young age.


Launched in September 2020, Codingal has empowered 100,000+ students by motivating them to start learning coding via competitions and high-quality coding education. All classes are taught live 1:1 by vetted and trained teachers who are programming experts and only from a Computer Science background. The coding curriculum is based on a standardized K-12 Computer Science Framework, which students find very fun & engaging.

Today, schools and traditional education systems are not equipped to provide the proper coding education to children. Codingal is here to change that and empower every student with the tools, content, competitions, and live coding classes to learn to code and build anything they imagine.

We can’t wait to see what your child can create. Start your child’s coding journey today!

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