Be A Wildlife Presenter!

Be A Wildlife Presenter!

This 2 hours music & presenter workshop is designed to encourage exploration of self, stimulate imagination and instil critical thinking in your children. 


Embark on an adventure with scouts — Shawnrick and Cheryl as they take your children on an imaginery, interactive tour through the jungle. Be prepared to explore an entirely unfamiliar realm as they tread through dense forest and tangled vegetation. Watch them venture through the thick foliage as the children take turns to lead the group through the jungle. Besides interesting discoveries along the way, the group will also get to meet and interact with the Hooga tribe. Whether the encounter will bring them to safety or result in grave danger, it is entirely dependent on how the group communicates with them!

Activities your child will partake in the workshop:

  • Engaging in a series of activities and games which require the use of imagination
  • Awareness and ability to respond to feelings, sights, sounds and music around them
  • Integrated vocal exercises / creating variety of sounds as a form of expression
  • Simple problem-based learning
  • Introduction to basic emcee skills
  • Opportunities for each child to lead during the activities

Besides delivering a fun-filled experience, your child will stand to acquire essential life skills such as clear communication skills and important presentation techniques that will most definitely aid an all-round development.

The learning outcomes include:

  • Building self-esteem & confidence
  • Better communication skills
  • Development of cognitive thinking & problem-solving skills
  • Development of locomotor skills
  • Exploring their spectrum of emotions
  • Supporting language development
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Honing public speaking skills

With a small group of no more than 6, you can be sure your child is given the utmost attention and opportunity to lead & shine. 

Ready for an adventure in the wilderness? Join us now for an enriching yet exciting journey!

Your instructors:

An actor, singer, emcee & wrestler — Shawnrick is a man of many talents. From hosting a wide range of shows such as weddings and outdoor carnivals to working with Universal Studio Singapore (USS) on a series of show segments such as the USS’s Rhythm Truck, he has been able to engage crowds of virtually any size, from groups of 10 to crowds of over 25,000 through his voice and performances. Fun-loving and bubbly, Shawnrick is well-liked by his audience and always seeks to deliver nothing but the best. With his creativity, skill sets and great showmanship, your kids are in for a fun yet enriching experience!

Cheryl is a vocal instructor with 9 years of professional singing experience. She possesses a Higher Diploma in Contemporary Vocal Teaching at The Voice College, UK and a certificate in Voice Disorders, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (NYC).  Currently teaching in a music school, she is in a pursuit to help people from all walks of life with their personal development & well-being, and to offer cathartic experiences through the art of singing. With years of experience in coaching & music, trust that your kids will be in good hands!

* A minimum of 4 participants are required to commence the workshop. We seek your kind understanding and apologise in advance if the workshop has to be re-scheduled or cancelled due to insufficient numbers. Thank you.

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04 December, 13:00–15:00.




Price: 90 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9030 5537



177b Thomson Rd Level 3 Goldhill Shopping Centre Groove Music School, Singapore 307625