Creatopia MVP Camp

Creatopia MVP Camp

This fun-filled 3 days camp is set to allow kids to explore the various performing arts module – Music, VO Acting & Presentation (MVP)!


Whether you like to be a singer, an actor, a show presenter or anything in the performing arts field, you need to be equipped with a great vocal & listening skills foundation. This camp will be a good introduction to all the foundation skills required in a safe, fun & engaging environment!

All the games and activities are planned out to prepare the kids for a final “Show-time” at the end of the camp, where they get to perform and voice-over act on the characters that they’ve built during the camp. This will be a memorable experience and keepsake for years to come!

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6 December - 8 December, time: 09:30-12:30.




Price: 360 SGD

Telephone number

+65 9030 5537



177B Thomson Road Goldhill Shopping Plaza Level 3, Singapore