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KIT Online Camp

KIT Online Camp

ONLINE CAMP is a unique program designed for the kids to interact with friends, learn new subjects and study Math and Science from home.


Our experienced teachers know how to communicate with kids even remotely. Our “FACE-TO-FACE,” live stream learning with a teacher allows kids to ask questions, collaborate with kids, and build team-bonding skills. The Math program is developed for kids to improve their logical thinking and problem-solving. We are moving away from simple rote-learning and creating a new way to teach mathematics to children. Science is the most exciting subject in the school program. Our Art and Creativity program includes the study of the basic principles of the visual arts, methods of transmitting ideas, the use of various techniques and materials.

Students will develop:

  • capability to initiate and express new ideas;
  • the confidence to try new things experiment with the unknown, risk-taking;
  • awareness of non-verbal communication

The camp will immerse children in the world of nature and encourage their natural curiosity. Through hands-on science experiments, children will learn natural phenomena using all the five senses and fall in love with science for a long time!

1:1 and Group Tuition is also available.


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Telephone number

+65 8338 3136