Maths & Adventure Camp

Maths & Adventure Camp

Engaging! Unforgettable! Fun!

Early bird price (-15%) for ALL June programs until March 15!

For 5 days our Maths & Adventure Camp counsellors will take your child on a set of adventures!
During this week-long camp, your child will journey through a series of fun-filled exercises that will challenge, inspire and bring out your little one’s creative skills.


  • Math concepts & application
  • games 
  • handcrafts


Camp Background – KIT School
As an enrichment school in Singapore, we understand how to create engaging, fun, learning activities for your child during spring break.
In addition to our core daily programs that emphasize learning maths in an enjoyable environment, we also offer games and crafts that will bring out your child’s creativity.
Our camps are conveniently located off Mountbatten Road and have been serving families in Singapore for over 2 years.

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Early bird price (-15%) for ALL June programs until March 15!


Image Credit: KIT Knowledge Intellect Tallent


6 April - 10 April, time: 09:00-13:30
1 June - 5 June, time: 09:00-13:30
8 June - 12 June, time: 09:00-13:30
15 June - 19 June, time: 09:00-13:30
22 June - 26 June, time: 09:00-13:30
29 June - 3 July, time: 09:00-13:30.




Per week: 480 SGD

Telephone number

+65 98168947



90 Goodman Road 439053