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Singapore's First Values-Based Playgroup

Singapore's First Values-Based Playgroup

Built on the work of Dr. Martin Seligman (Father of Positive Psychology) and his PERMA model, unique values-based playgroup is designed to instill values in both toddlers and caregivers empowering them with the right skills and platform to flourish in life.


Through unique values-based approach to playgroup, toddlers acquire language and communication skills, creative expressions, as well as physical, social and personal competencies. Knowledge, skills and abilities are executed through purposeful play. Through this, children make positive meaning of the people and world around them, stirring greater interaction and investigation. Coupled with the explicit teaching of life values, this ensures smooth transition, both mentally and emotionally, as they step into the next phase of their education journey.

Values-based curriculum is centered on the open teaching of values through a structured program. Adults are involved to create opportunities for modeling of values whereby children pick up subconsciously; preparing both the head and the heart of a child. The focus of curriculum on your child’s wellbeing lays a strong foundation so that your little one flourishes in his or her academic journey.

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