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"I can PRESENT with MAGIC!" Workshop

"I can PRESENT with MAGIC!" Workshop

The Fun Academy proudly showcase - "I can PRESENT with MAGIC!"


Come uncover the secrets of Magic and the same time pick up and learn the importance of presentation skill - the REAL secret behind seperating the pros and amatures!

What can you SAY to make your performance more entertaining? What STORIES will you tell to make your magic more entertaining? How can we incoporate eye contact and hand guestures to enhance our magic act?

On top of learning 6 extremely cool and YET easy to pull off tricks, children can will also be expose to presentation skills.

Here's a list of what are some of magical things the children can expect to learn:

  • Assembling Aces in deck (without toucing the cards!)
  • The most baffling and carziest way to make coins appear from thing air (original handling)
  • Make everyday objects vanish into thin air! (you CAN do this at end of the class)
  • Mind Reading Tricks (tricks and secrets even adults can't guess!)
  • Change the colors of objects (Oh so visual!)

What's more! They also get to watch magic performance LIVE over zoom by the AWARD WINNING INSTRUCTOR - MAX!


Image Credit: The Polliwogs



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