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National Day Activities at White Lodge

National Day Activities at White Lodge

To get the ball rolling this week, we had a discussion on what makes Singapore special.


We acknowledged that Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures, and like White Lodge, we celebrate differences! We started Monday with looking at and reading about the different religions practiced in Singapore. We designed and made our own Hindu Temple, paying extra attention the details that we can see!

On Tuesday, we designed and decorated our very own Mosque with mosaic tiles and design. A mosque is a place of worship for our Muslim friends, who are celebrating Hari Raya Haji this weekend too! Through the midweek on Wednesday, we looked at Chinese Temples. We had red, gold, green and yellow paint to create beautiful designs on our temple too!

On Thursday, we came together to celebrate our culture of differences and diversity. With the main focus of “Many People, One Nation”, we shared that Singapore is made up of many different races and culture, but we come together and celebrate Singapore as one. It was a concept of celebrating differences that brought all our children as well.

Food! It’s all about Singaporean food and the local cuisine this week! We had a whole week learning about different cultures and religions last week.

On Monday, the Nursery children made their own bread and butter pudding. They learned about the folding technique, and they were extra careful! This required the Nursery children to control their arm movements. On Tuesday, we made Chapatti! It is a food staple in India, and can be seen in many restaurants in Singapore! The Nursery children kneaded their own dough and we heated them up to form Chapatti. It was delicious!

Midweek Wednesday was all about Nasi Lemak. It is a typical Southern and Central Malaysian breakfast. The Nursery children made their own coconut rice with pandan leaves and coconut milk. It was definitely a week of chef training for our Nursery cooks!

At the end of the week, we celebrated National Day and Friendship Day. It was a day of complete fun and exploration! We learned about the values of friendship, and understood that it was important to be kind to our friends. Moreover, we brought those values and related them to Singapore, and how people of different races and cultures came together and lived in peaceful Singapore.


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