Anastassia's Art House

Anastassia's Art House

Anastassia’s Art House is Hong Kong’s only Russian Art Academy offering Art Education of the highest standards.


Their mission is exposing Hong Kong to the vast wealth of Russian & Western cultural heritage in Fine Art. The prime Russian Art Education they offer encapsulates the long tradition of academic excellence pursued in the Russian Art Academies that have produced some of the world’s greatest artists over the centuries.

Their teaching approach is inimitable and one of a kind in Hong Kong. It offers a perfect balance between introducing the structured elements and techniques a student needs in order to reach a high level of technical competency, while emphasizing on creativity, imagination and individuality.

Art Courses:

  • Creative Art Play (2.5-4 years old) - The exciting Creative Art Play course offers a unique curriculum and an introduction of Art to toddlers, through colours, shapes, texture and different art media. It aims to develop, enhance and nourish their creative minds and interest in art starting at a very young age.
  • Art Discovery (3-5 years old) - Art Discovery program is devoted to the discovery of painting, printing, pasting, paper collage, construction and modeling projects, and uses a range of different art materials, such as watercolour, acrylic & tempera paints; oil & soft pastels; pens; paper; color paper & clay.
  • Art Explorers (5-7 years old) - This art course teaches the necessary artistic skills that enable students to reflect the beauty and harmony of the world, to develop the sense of composition, proportion and interaction of color and light and to draw/paint expressively.
  • Art Adventure (7-11 years old) - This course teaches children to enjoy, appreciate, and create art. Students will study various artists, major artworks, styles and cultures from around the world. Create their own masterpieces using the elements and principles of design.
  • Art Appreciation (12-16 years old) - The course encourages students to develop their artistic skills through skilled instruction and engaging projects with the aim of providing opportunities for young people to work with professional artists and develop their skills across a variety of art forms.
  • Draw & Sketch (6+ years old) - The class will teach you to look at the world the way artists see it in terms of shapes, lines, colours, and the relationships between them and will help you develop your own interpretation of what is around you.
  • Sculpture Creation (3+ years old) - The objective of their brand new & exciting Sculpture course is to facilitate the development of creativeness and explore the potential of the students, especially for those who are highly interested in sculpture making and want to enhance their 3D building art skills.
  • Portfolio Preparation (7+ years old) - The objective of their brand new and practical Portfolio Preparation course is to facilitate the development of creativeness and explore the potential of the students, especially for those who want to build a solid and comprehensive art portfolio for further arts education, either for higher educations in HK or overseas. 

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