ESF Sports & Language

ESF Sports is a specialist youth sports coaching organization with experienced, qualified coaches delivering expert coaching across a range of sports. 

Our programmes develop children’s abilities from the moment they start a sport as a beginner and through to the advanced level and beyond where they can participate at a competitive level in one of ESF Sports successful squads and academies.

We aim to instil a love of sport and activity in young people through sports sessions that blend fun and enjoyment with fundamental skill development. Each sport welcomes children of all ages and abilities.  As they develop their interest in a sport, they progress through our carefully structured levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – developing skills, ability, and knowledge along the way.  We start by ensuring that the basic skills of each sport are introduced and then continually build on these skills and techniques both individually and in team situations.


The ESF Language & Learning further children’s natural ability to learn languages, such as English and Spanish.

Our experienced, qualified teachers will bring out the best in your child’s language learning abilities in fun and interactive classes. Our programmes are suitable for children as young as 6 months to lower secondary students. We offer playgroup, English learning programmes (kindergarten to lower secondary), English writing programmes (kindergarten to lower secondary) and Spanish (primary to secondary). 

During non-term periods, we offer holiday programmes so the fun doesn’t need to stop when school does.  

Every year, we offer Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer camps with special programmes in sports and languages. In summer, we also offer Full-day Camps for specific locations where students can enjoy a language session in the morning and a sports session in the afternoon. 


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