Summer Camps 2022. Theme: Planet Guardian Adventure

Summer Camps 2022. Theme: Planet Guardian Adventure

   ESF offers a range of full or half-day camps for your flexibility, from categories such as sports, language, arts, STEM, workshops and online courses. Kids from six months to 18 years, whether they attend an ESF school or not, are welcome.

  • Open to everyone (both ESF and non-ESF Students) 

   Full Day Camps will engage children in multi-disciplinary class activities in the classrooms in the morning to strengthen Language efficiency; and during the afternoon, they will be emerged in a range of sports games. This year's highlight is the Planet Guardian Adventure, a Full Day Camp of four weeks of exciting quests, where kids can meet different people in different places each time. This course involves drama, games, storybooks and art to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills whilst broadening knowledge and experiences.

  Of course, ESF also provides its signature multi-sports and single sports camps too, which include Swimming, Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, Fencing Clinics and more. This option is great for developing children’s sporting skills through play, developmental games and game-based sports.

Half Day Camps

  • Planet Guardian Adventures (English) 
  • Playgroup 
  • Pre-K 
  • Phonics 
  • Kindergarten Preparation 
  • Primary Preparation 
  • Primary Reader’s Theatre 
  • Primary Writing
  • Challenge your Creativity 
  • Primary Science 
  • Spanish through Art & Culture 
  • Spanish through Dance 
  • Upper Primary Debate 
  • Secondary Debate 
  • Abstract and Contemporary Art 
  • Make News Make Sense 
  • Drama Creativity Camps - Drama Stars, Drama Loop, Drama Circle 
  • Carbon Crunch - Carbon Literacy, Climate Change and Carbon Offsetting
  • Assorted Coding courses
  • Football 
  • Fencing 
  • Basketball 
  • Swimming 
  • Tennis 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Multi Sports 
  • Krav Maga 
  • Netball 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Hockey 
  • Rugby 
  • Badminton
  • Dance 

Workshops (more coming soon)
WizKidz Magic (8+ years)

  • Tuesday 12th July 1400-1530, Kowloon Junior School (KLN)
  • Tuesday 19th July 1400-1530, Renaissance College (NT)
  • Tuesday 26th July 1400-1530, South Island School (HK)
  • Tuesday 2nd August 1400-1530, Kowloon Junior School (KLN)
  • Tuesday 9th August 1400-1530, Renaissance College (NT)

Online camps

  • Circle time Creations (playgroup) 
  • Raring to Read 
  • Drama Loop 
  • Create your own podcast 
  • Debate 
  • Challenge your Creativity
  • Make News Make Sense 
  • Assorted Coding courses


Image Credit: ESF Sports & Language



27 六月 - 26 八月, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




Full-day Camp: 3hrs morning Language Camp + 3hrs afternoon multi-sports camp, from: 7200 港元
Half-day Camp:3hrs Language/Science/STEM Camp, from: 3450 港元
Open to everyone (both ESF and non-ESF Students), from: 1250 港元
Workshop, from: 460 港元