The Review of Synkers App: Where Modern UAE's Parents Look for Private Tutors

Published 08 January 2021 at 17:00

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The Review of Synkers App: Where Modern UAE's Parents Look for Private Tutors

Online tutoring has never been more popular than now due to the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns. The current events have shown us what we care about most in education and the impact of lost schooling on a generation of young students during the closure of schools and universities. As concerns grow in the face of predicted further restrictions, perhaps we could focus less on a potential threat to the educational development of our kids and more on regular contact with teachers via video calls on online platforms.

Since a new era of prohibition of face-to-face tutoring descended, we have realised that there is a pressing need for a comprehensive and long-term alternative to enable children to catch up with what they missed. And so we adapted. Tutoring apps such as Synkers with access to over 1,000 highly qualified private tutors across the UAE, Lebanon, KSA and beyond are proving popular. This year, demand is particularly high for core subjects, English, Maths & Physics in particular.

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Little wonder Synkers has been called “a genius new online educational platform” as the app makes bookings a breeze. This app not only guarantees peace of mind, but it enables students of all ages to maintain a healthy mind for effective online learning. For school pupils, this means personalised support in a safe, engaging and interactive environment. No matter what curriculum you study – British, IB, American or French – in three simple steps you will find a dedicated tutor who creates bespoke lessons that target your child's individual learning gaps.

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking: “Really? What sets it apart from other online tutoring services?” Established in 2016 with headquarters in Beirut, Synkers’ partnerships with the best tutors and mentors have significantly grown in number and scale over the past few years. They have helped more than 70,000 students from all over the Middle East to achieve their best in academic performance, boost grades and prepare the students for various tests and exams. The new startup, spearheaded by its co-founder & CEO Audrey Nakad, was recognised in the American University of Beirut (AUB) President’s Innovation Challenge Award. It is reassuring to know that Audrey Nakad is one of the top young entrepreneurs of the Forbes Under 30.

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Readers of TickiKids are quite accustomed to the thrill of having access to unrivalled insight and exclusive reviews. As ever, our editors walk you through some of the features upon which Synkers is based. We selected a family with two daughters Quilia, grade 6, and Eloisa, grade 9, who we felt would be most motivated and likely to test the online tutoring. The feedback from the parents after the one-to-one online tuitions in Maths and Science has been heart-warming.

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We asked their mum Julie to describe in summary the navigation process – from installing the app to choosing the subject and tutor:

I heard about Synkers through the American mums in the Dubai community. I found the app quite simple and straightforward. After downloading the app a member of the Synkers team reached out to me and ensured that I was synced with the tutor that would be right for one of my daughters. It was important for me to find someone that would be able to bond with her and help her enjoy learning Maths. I am happy to say that I was able to find just that with Synkers. The lessons are very easy to arrange: we simply book on the day and time of our choice.

Were you searching for in-person or online tutoring?

This was before the COVID-19 pandemic, so initially, I was interested in face-to-face sessions. However, after the pandemic hit, we switched to online sessions. While I was quite hesitant at the start to shift to online sessions, it was a very smooth transition and the sessions were as effective.

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How high would you assess the tutor’s teaching performance?

I found the tutors to be great. We’ve had two consistent tutors, Farah H. and Tala A. The great thing about Synkers is that they help connect you with tutors suitable for each unique child. My daughters have very different personalities and Synkers was able to help me find two excellent tutors that suited their particular needs, abilities, and learning styles.

The tutors were knowledgeable about the subject. They used worksheets and supporting material to ensure that the lessons were well explained. Moreover, they were able to form a connection with my daughters. This was something that was very important to me. l always wanted to get a tutor that would create an enjoyable learning journey, not just simply help teach the subject. These two tutors were very friendly and always made the lessons easy-going yet highly valuable.

What exactly can other families with school-age children expect from Synkers?

I would recommend Synkers to any one of my friends who are looking for tutors. My overall experience has been positive and I believe it’s a great platform for parents and children that care about education.

Whatever your vision for the future of your child's education is, it's definitely worth following @Synkers on Instagram and Facebook, and on Twitter @tutorMeSynkers.

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By Anna Khan

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