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My First Gym's 5th Anniversary

My First Gym's 5th Anniversary

My First Gym is 5 and would love to celebrate it with members and friends!


My First Gym Downtown Abu Dhabi Thursday April 26th 4-6pm
My First Gym ADLC Saturday April 28th 4-6pm

Come join My First Gym for an evening of fun, games, rides and discounted packages! Take advantage of Hot Hot Hot savings offered only that day!

  • 1 month unlimited class package!
  • 20% off all class/camp individual packages and parties for current members.
  • 25% off Yearly Class Packages!
  • 50% off lifetime registration fee

4:00-5:00 pm is geared towards Ages 3.5 and under. The party will feature games, activities, bubbles, puppet shows and more for the little ones.
5:00-6:00 pm is geared towards Independent & Older Children 3.5 and older. Come try the party that will feature gymnastics, dance, karate, games, relays and fitness programs for the big kids.

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Telephone number

+971 2 679 0299



Abu Dhabi
My First Gym Abu Dhabi Ladies Club, 15th street, Khor Al Maqta