Coding Classes for Kids

AlphaGen Learning's award-winning coding curriculum introduces kids to the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way.


Their mission is to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators.

AlphaGen’s goal is to make coding and technology accessible to all young learners in Singapore to prepare them to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world. They want every young Singaporean to have coding and tech literacy and become creators rather than just consumers of technology. That’s why they are the most affordable coding and technology education provider in Singapore while offering experienced tutors with hundreds of hours of teaching experience and degrees in Computer Science or related fields.

Their holistic accredited programme is suited for ages 6 to 16 and has been created by experts. It covers a range of technology areas including Mobile App Development, Graphic Design and Video Editing, Web Development, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Python, Machine Learning and more. No matter what your child's interests are, they'll be able to find a course that suits them.

AlphaGen’s outcome-based teaching philosophy and curriculum gives students the opportunity to realize their potential and promotes self-confidence and independence, while nurturing six key skills that go beyond the classroom to instil in them a lifelong love for learning. These skills are Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Academic Confidence, Creative Expression and Curiosity.

Their class structure with 1:1 teaching enables your child to learn in a supportive environment that allows them to express their creativity while being challenged to their maximum potential. Classes are held online using browser-based platforms such as Scratch for introducing the basics of coding, Thunkable for Mobile Application Development, or CoSpaces for creating Virtual Reality environments.

Alphagen’s progressive coding curriculum is designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology. Several of their students have participated in global coding competitions with impressive results.

No cookie cutter learning here! Each student has a tailored learning journey created for them depending on their prior experience and interests. Before moving on to the next module, every student is required to create a personal project where they conceptualize, design, and code an app or game. Students also build their personal portfolios throughout their journey.

Alphagen Learning's coding curriculum has been well-received by students, parents, and educators alike.

One parent wrote: " "Both my children have been taking classes with Alphagen for close to a year and they are thoroughly enjoying their sessions. As seasoned coders since early 2020, they have found Alphagen tutors fun yet challenging as compared to other coding schools they have attended. As their parent, I have seen a change in motivation during classes and the desire to create more intricate projects. Alphagen provides us with progress reports which show our children's capabilities and applications they are able to use. We are extremely pleased with Alphagen and highly recommend them for your child's tech journey!""

  • accredited curriculum
  • Private 1-to-1 LIVE online classes, your child gets our undivided attention and classes are personalised according to their hobbies or interests
  • Flexible timing, schedule camps at your child’s convenience
  • Personalised learning journey depending on your child’s interests and experience
  • Experienced coding tutors with degrees in Computer Science or related fields
  • Weekly classes and holiday camps available


Free 60 minute trial classes available for all courses.


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