(Suspended) Trinity Speech and Drama Training Programme

(Suspended) Trinity Speech and Drama Training Programme

An ideal programme for both actors and those wishing to increase their vocal confidence and knowledge of Speech and Drama.


In this intensive programme, students will:

  • Connect voice, breath and body and discover the confidence to speak freely. 
  • Develop technical vocal processes to improve vocal dexterity and explore the relationship between voice and imagination. 
  • Apply vocal skills to a variety of texts and contexts to be able to communicate one’s intention with clarity. 
  • Develop core acting skills including improvisation, voice and movement.
  • Unlock creativity and gain confidence through improvisation exercises.
  • Explore characterisation through actions, objectives and given circumstances when analysing scripts.
  • Gain confidence rehearsing and performing short scenes.

This programme will culminate in the Trinity College London Speech & Drama examination. The grade will be decided during the course of the programme.

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Tue 18:00–20:00.


For parents


per 4 lessons: 305 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6344 1366



77 East Coast Rd #02-01