Innovative and effective services through the BabySPA System so as to strengthen and stimulate the physical growth and mental development of young children.


Using the innovative BabySPA Swimming System developed in-house, the baby, while supervised, is kept buoyant in warm water with a specially designed neck float.

Such a water training programme is designed for babies between 1-24 months old, and has been proven effective in stimulating their physical, mental and sensory pathways growth.

The aqueous environment also mimics the natural setting inside a mother's womb, allowing newborns to retain their natural affinity in water.

BabySPA also offers baby massages and haircuts in all BabySPA centres, which, apart from providing great convenience to parents, further cements the positioning as a one-stop destination for baby care, spa and wellness centre.


Image Credit: BabySPA

Opening hours

Mon–Sun 11:30–19:00.


Baby Haircut Home Visit by BabySPA: 50 SGD
Baby Massage and Haircut by BabySPA : 80 SGD
First Trial Water Training and Massage Voucher: 75 SGD (Usual Price)





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