Goal! Finding the Best Soccer/Football Academies for Kids

Published 11 March 2024 at 09:15

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Goal! Finding the Best Soccer/Football Academies for Kids

In the exhilarating world of soccer/football, nurturing young talent is paramount. TickiKids’ newest guide will help in finding the best soccer academies for kids in Singapore, involving a careful balance of skill development, holistic education, and a supportive environment.  

The journey begins with identifying academies that prioritize a comprehensive approach to player development. Another crucial aspect is the coaching staff. The best academies boast experienced coaches with a passion for youth development, providing personalized attention, fostering a positive and growth-oriented atmosphere. Moreover, the academy's infrastructure plays a pivotal role! State-of-the-art training facilities, modern equipment, and a conducive learning environment contribute significantly to a player's progress.  

As young talents blossom into promising athletes, the right academy serves as the launching pad for their dreams, ultimately propelling them towards a future on the grand stages of the sport! 

Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore

Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore

Image credit: Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore

Elevate Your Child's Soccer Journey with Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore!

Embark on a soccer adventure like never before with Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore! Get GungHo FC, proudly standing as the international partner of the prestigious Celtic Football Club. This collaboration represents the epitome of excellence, merging Get GungHo FC’s passion for the sport with Celtic FC's rich history and global prominence. Together, creating a legacy steeped in triumphs, inspired by legends like Billy McNeill, Henrik Larsson, and Jimmy Johnstone.

Inspiration from Legends:

Immerse your child in the world of football greatness! Partnering with Celtic FC not only brings a rich history but also showcases the success stories of current Celtic stars like Callum McGregor, Kyogo Furuhashi, and Joe Hart. Your child will be motivated to follow in the footsteps of these soccer icons, aiming for their own victories on the field.

FAS Academy Accreditation and UEFA iCoachKids Methodology:

As an inaugural club in the FAS Academy Accreditation Scheme, Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore ensures the highest standards in youth football training. Our Youth Football program, tailored for 2 to 12-year-olds, aligns seamlessly with Celtic Soccer Academy coaching principles and UEFA's iCoachKids methodology. Your child will receive top-notch coaching that combines expertise and innovation.

Tot Shots Football Program:

Start your toddler's soccer journey with our Tot Shots Football program! Designed for the littlest ones, this program enhances balance, coordination, confidence, and teamwork from an early age. Our structured sessions not only introduce soccer skills but also instill a love for the game, creating a foundation for a lifelong passion.

Soccer Blitz Camp for Older Children:

In addition to weekly soccer training and competitive squads, school holiday programmes including the Celtic Soccer Blitz Camps provides a unique platform for professional coaching by both local and Glasgow-based Celtic Soccer Academy coaches. Emphasizing teamwork and skill refinement, this camp nurtures young athletes, ensuring they not only develop their soccer abilities but also build lasting friendships and memories.

Celtic Soccer Academy Singapore Get GungHo FC believes in fostering not just soccer skills but also a love for the game. Join the Celtic World Huddle and provide your child with an exciting journey where they can dream big, play hard, and grow into the soccer star they aspire to be! 

Don’t hesitate to complete the free trial registration: here you can choose a convenient location and let your child make their first step toward lifelong participation in football!

Age: 3-12 years; 24-36 months

Fees: $35 per session

Contact: team@getgungho.com

WhatsApp: 6598600822

Locations: KickOff! Arena Kovan, Yishun Futsal Arena, HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok, West Coast Park and Bishan-AMK Park


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ActiveSG Football Academy

ActiveSG Football Academy

Image Credit: ActiveSG Football Academy

The ActiveSG Football Academy is dedicated to creating an inclusive pathway for both boys and girls to embark on their football journey. Their holistic programme is designed to introduce children aged 3 to 6 to the fundamentals of football, while also providing a platform for kids aged 7 to 16 to enhance their skills and love for the game.

Under the guidance of the Principal, Aleksandar Duric, a former professional footballer in Singapore, Academy's goal is to not only develop players' football abilities but also to instil important life lessons such as teamwork, integrity, and perseverance.

What makes the ActiveSG Football Academy unique is their integrated approach, which combines solid football theory with character development. The curriculum is built on a foundation of values, ensuring that every child not only learns the game but also grows as a person.

At the heart of academy is a commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment where children can thrive. Through the carefully crafted programmes, participants will not only refine their football skills but also embrace values like teamwork, integrity, and resilience, laying the groundwork for excellence both on and off the field. Join ActiveSG Football Academy on this exciting journey towards football mastery and personal growth!

Contact: ActiveSG_Football@sport.gov.sg

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Real Madrid Foundation Football School Singapore

Real Madrid Foundation Football School Singapore

Images Credit: Real Madrid Foundation Football School Singapore

It is the human touch that makes Real Madrid Foundation Football School Singapore truly stand out as a football academy.  Regardless of the quality of a training methodology in theory, its effective implementation hinges on the individuals entrusted with its application. Their coaches possess the seasoned skill and insight required to identify the unique characteristics of your child and cultivate their potential to the fullest. They prioritise your child's long-term development, both as an athlete and as an individual, ensuring they remain focused on the journey rather than immediate outcomes.

Football serves as a platform for instilling positive values and habits in our students, shaping their character as they mature. Real Madrid Foundation Football School's training methodology not only enhances football skills but also cultivates life skills, making the field a dynamic classroom for personal growth. As an institute dedicated to sports education, they are deeply committed to nurturing youths and children through sporting opportunities, fostering a culture of excellence.

They integrate the traditional Real Madrid style of football with modern coaching philosophies, ensuring a comprehensive program. The offerings include unique and exclusive experiences tailored for our community and their families, some of which complement mainstream education objectives, particularly in leadership development.

Whether you're a novice to football or seeking enjoyable weekday and weekend activities, Technical Training Programme is an ideal starting point! In the Team Experience Training program, the coaches prioritise player improvement and nurturing in the best possible environment. Recognising potential scheduling conflicts, they strive to accommodate each player's development needs.

At Real Madrid Foundation Football School, they're as dedicated to women's football as they are to men's! Their Girls Training sessions, held throughout the week at various locations, cater to all skill levels from ages 4 to 17. Join this top professional team based in South East Asia to forge new friendships and create lasting memories together!

Contact: info@frmsingapore.com

+65 9176 1870

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Coach Leo & Brazilian Lions

Coach Leo Brazilian Lions

Images Credit: Coach Leo & Brazilian Lions 

With a rich background in professional football spanning from Brazil to Switzerland, Coach Leo's journey in the sport began in 2013 following the completion of coaching diplomas with the Swiss Football Association. Drawing from his experiences training juniors at various clubs, including FC Hakoah, FC Seefeld, and the World United Football Academy (WUFA), Leo's passion for football stemmed from a desire to impart the joy he experienced in his own youth.

Their mission is to ignite the same fervour seen in children across Brazil as they engage in the art of futsal. We strive to introduce them to the distinctive style of play while nurturing their creativity, flair, and stamina. Classes cater to all age groups, ranging from Under 4 to Under 16.

Coach Leo provides a range of training options, from private and semi-private sessions to open classes and team training, held across various locations in Singapore. Whether your goal is to refine your child's technical prowess or introduce them to the beauty of the game, they offer tailored programs to suit every need.

In 2017, they ventured into competitive play by entering our first two teams into the JSSL Singapore Leagues under the banner of the Brazilian Lions. Their aim is to provide a platform for players seeking to elevate their skills and challenge themselves against peers. Training sessions are held twice weekly, supplemented by friendly matches outside the competitive season.

The youngest teams, the U6 and U7 Brazilian Lions, engage in 30-minute matches consisting of two 15-minute halves with unlimited substitutions. As players progress, the U8 and U9 teams focus on transitioning their skills from small-sided futsal pitches to larger fields. With twice-weekly Brazilian Lions Team Training Sessions, the coaches prepare players both tactically and mentally for their league fixtures, fostering their growth and development on and off the field.

Get in touch today today to kick start your child's love for the game!

Contact: admin@coachleo.sg

+65 8350 7734

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