BumpWise Coffee Morning - Electromagnetic Fields

BumpWise Coffee Morning - Electromagnetic Fields

Join us for another BumpWise Coffee morning offering incredible learning opportunities - this time, we are joined by Max Chua to learn about the omni-present pollution we face through ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS emitted by our various devices, cell phone towers, wifi networks etc... how this affects our and our children's health and some easy steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones!


Sign-up for ZOOM is via our whatsapp groups - PM us if you're not yet a member. The recording can be watched on FB live and at a later stage.

Choizya provides homes and organizations non-ionization radiation (NIR) consultation services and on site assessment within ASEAN region since 2016.

Their expertise is in wireless and electrical radiation mitigation techniques for health and wireless data protection applications.

They will talk to us about the dangers and consequences EMF pose to our health and what we can do about it.


Image Credit: BumpWise


12 May, See the website for the opening hours.


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