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Introducing Food to Baby

Introducing Food to Baby

Confused by conflicting advice regarding how and when to introduce food to your baby?


Come along to this practical workshop where you will learn the basics of preparing wholesome and nutritious food for your little one.

What's different about this workshop is that rather than only seeing this as an inevitable milestone in your baby's development, we delve into the health aspects of it all - why an early introduction can be detrimental to baby's health, and which foods are actually appropriate for which age, and which are nutritionally dense and support baby's development both in terms of the digestive system, as well as nervous system and brain development.

Certified herbalist, naturopath, doula, and mother-of-three Johanna Wagner, will talk you through various approaches to introducing food to your baby, when to start, which foods to give and in what form, and many other useful tips surrounding this exciting time in your baby's development. We will also be discussing trouble-shooting for "side-effects" like digestive upsets, food reactions, constipation etc.

Contribution for this 2-hour workshop is SGD 100.

The workshop will be run on ZOOM and a recording, as well as lots of complimentary materials, will be available afterwards.

Please sign up by WhatsApp to Johanna on +65 9795 7949


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For parents


For 2-hour workshop: 100 SGD