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Chinatown Festive Market

As Singapore starts to open its borders to Vaccinated Travellers from more countries, Chinatown Business Association (CBA) is kicking off a series of activities commencing this month, to promote Chinatown as one of Singapore’s iconic tourist destinations for its Eat, Shop, Play activities.


The Chinatown Festive Market will be held at Pagoda Street sago Street from 17 to 19 December. There will be interesting array of items and accessories, clothing, gifts, kitchen accessories, diecast car models for sale. Workshops like Festive glass, Christmas themed Terrarium and talks like Antique Appreciation and Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost immune system will also be held in conjunction with the festival market. 

Key highlight for the 17-19 December festive market includes a first-ever in Chinatown, a Singapore Diecast Cars Experience. 

A  host of exclusive diecast and exhibition of event cars that range from old school race cars like the Datsun of old Singapore racing days to classic Mini Coopers will be on display. The classic cars with racing livery, movie themes will be a joy to everyone.

There will be diecast car models for sale and also provide clearance model cars for sale to collectors and public. The lucky draw will be conducted at the end of the event on Dec 19th and 4 Winners will stand a chance to win prizes of up to $600 onwards. To participate, simply spend at any event booth for a lucky draw ticket. The custom competition will showcase Singapore Diecast Customizers works and participate in the Diecast Custom competition with attractive prizes worth $600 including 1st , 2nd, 3rd place trophy. The custom workshop by she love cars will offer great experience for collectors who wish to customize diecast cars with customization works performed including water slide decals, wheel swap demonstration provided.

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Images Credit: Chinatown Business Assocation



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