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Guided Farm Tour with City Sprouts

Guided Farm Tour with City Sprouts

An educational, fun and interactive tour to get closer to nature.


During this 2-hour program you will:

  • Discover the different agricultural methodologies being tested out at Sprout Hub, including a vertical strawberry farm! 
  • Learn why soil health matters to the food you eat and how you can make your own black gold 
  • Harvest fresh aeroponically grown produce to take home 
  • Plant your own seedling and become a plant parent (proven therapy for your mental and emotional wellbeing!
  • Understand the amazing world of Black Soldier Flies and how they are helping the environment

This tour is recommended for adults, seniors and families with kids 3 years and older. There is a coffee shop and food stalls at Sprout Hub for those planning to stay for lunch or dinner.

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Image Credit: City Sprouts




Price: 35 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6468 6772



102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562