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2-Hour Christmas Coding Workshops

2-Hour Christmas Coding Workshops

Join us this festive season and spend your Christmas Eve with Coding Lab at our exciting Christmas Themed Coding Workshops!  


Gift your loved ones a one-of-a-kind Christmas present by creating projects through codes - Create a Christmas e-card or create a Christmas themed game to enjoy with your friends.  We have an exciting line-up of workshops for Ages 5 to 18 and we’re sure you won’t want to miss this out! ⁣

 Ages 5 to 6: Christmas Digital Card ⁣

  •  9am - 11am ⁣

 Students will create their very own Christmas e-card on Scratch Jr with code, where they can personalise and decorate the card with their own photos and voice messages! ⁣

Ages 7 to 9: Snowy Christmas Pong⁣

  •  9am - 11am ⁣

 Students will get to recreate the classic Pong game, but Christmas themed! Students will learn to code and customise the game, making it uniquely theirs. ⁣

Ages 10 to 12: Christmas Card on Python⁣

  •  11.15am - 1.15pm ⁣

 Students will learn to code on Python - Create a snowy Christmas through their screen and code a Snowman with snowflakes all around! ⁣

Ages 13 to 18: Christmas Snowflakes ⁣

  •  2pm - 4pm ⁣

 Students will learn to create a Koch Snowflake using Python Turtle, where the snowflake follows a beautiful symmetrical pattern of your choice. ⁣

No one gets left out on the fun here at Coding Lab, so hurry and sign up today! See you this Christmas at Coding Lab! ⁣

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