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Scratch Beginner I Course for Kids (7 – 9) @Upp Bukit Timah

Scratch Beginner I Course for Kids (7 – 9) @Upp Bukit Timah

Designed specifically for children who are completely new to programming / coding, this program introduces your children to a lifelong skill that is important for the future


Children will be using Scratch, a graphics-based computer coding language developed by Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT media labs.

At the end of the course, students will feel confident and recognize their potential to create, design and develop computational media which they enjoy in their daily lives.

Most importantly, this programme strengthens your child’s logical and problem solving skills which are useful in many aspects of life, be it immediately in their studies (e.g. Mathematics Problem Sums, Science, etc) or in the future.

Coding for Kids (Scratch:Beginner I) Course Outline

Day 1: Introduction to Scratch
Explore scratch and familiarise with interface.

Day 2: Basic Computational Techniques
Basic step by step animation (loops, events and parallelism techniques)

Day 3: Control your Characters
Hands on experience and application of techniques.
Controlling your on-screen characters

Day 4: Animation
Hands on experience and application of techniques.
Making your animation come alive (music, colour, costumes)

Day 5: Project showcase
Work on your animation concept
Use the techniques you have learnt over the past 4 days
Show and tell

Who is this coding class for?

  • Children 7-9 years old
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Laptop provided (one per child)

Class Structure

  • Course Duration: Total 10 Hours
  • Number of lessons: 5
  • Hours per lesson: 2
  • Small Class Size: 8 students maximum




Fees: 395 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6528 2282



264 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-06, Singapore 588208