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Year-End Holiday Coding Camps 2021 with Coding Lab Singapore

Year-End Holiday Coding Camps 2021 with Coding Lab Singapore

School's out! Why not learn how to create your own games this year-end holiday with our coding and programming camps?  


Level up this holiday with Coding Lab's award-winning, MIT-inspired coding curriculum and holiday camps for ages 4 to 18.

Classes available:

  • For Ages 4-6: Junior Coders Programme

Kids will be able to discover science concepts through code, tinker with bots and circuits, learn all about DNA, create and code their own Fidget Spinner and experience so much more coding fun! 

  • For Ages 7-9: Scratch and Young Computer Scientists

Discover the colourful drag-and-drop Scratch platform and dive deeper with our Young Computer Scientists programme as your child gets acquainted with the pocket-sized computer Micro:Bit, explore Mathematics (Measurement), Game Maker and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! 

  • For Ages 10-12: App Inventor, Python Junior and Advanced Computer Scientists

Create fun app creations or awesome Python programs that can impart Math and Science concepts!  You can even share them with your friends and family to spread the coding love. 

This season, our Young Advanced Computer Scientists will get to have more fun with Python as they collect our PyAD: Choose Your Own Adventure and PyTu: Python Turtle badges!

  •  For Ages 13-18: Python

Utilising concepts of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Mathematics, our Python Meets Mathematics course is perfect for students who want to pick up Python and build a strong foundation in programming.  More experienced students will explore Advanced Electives, which includes Game Development with Unity and C# programming!

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