Codingal is on a mission to inspire school kids to fall in love with coding.


Mission: To inspire school kids to fall in love with coding.

Vision: Provide coding education to every K-12 student, all over the world, preparing them for the future.


  1. Inspire students to become great learners, thinkers, and creators.
  2. Prepare a new generation of teachers who can teach CS across K-12 grades.
  3. Expand access to computer science in schools.

Coding helps improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills by 70% among kids at a young age, also enabling them to perform better in other subjects in school. Moreover, coding jobs are the future. They already constitute more than 60% of all jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math. While still in school, those who start young will be ahead of everyone by the time they get into college. They will be creators of the future. Learning to code at a young age will inspire more kids, including girls, to take up Computer Science as a major when entering college.

Today, schools and traditional education systems are not equipped to provide the right coding education to children. Codingal is here to change that and empower every student with the tools, content, and live coding classes to start learning to code and build anything they can imagine.

Team: Founded by Vivek Prakash and Satyam Baranwal, who have a track record of building companies in the coding education space, and backed by industry-renowned VCs, Codingal has the perfect team to build the next generation of coding education company and make a massive impact in this fast-growing market. 


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