Musical Kids

Our Musical Kids program lives up to it's name, developing well-rounded musical kids

Through songs, dance, actions, movement, games and activities, your child will explore the components of music, such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and timbre, through songs from different genres,  eg. classical, pop, jazz and folk music, as well as our own Creative Hearts original songs.
Our students will also be introduced to instruments of the orchestra, learn fundamentals of the piano, and begin to recognise basic notes and staff notation through games and hands-on activities.

They will also play familiar tunes on their resonator bars, Boomwhackers and handbells.
We also build teamwork by incorporating ensemble playing and encourage improvisation where your child will make up his/her own rhythmic patterns or come up with new lyrics to existing tunes!
Most importantly, your child will develop a love for music, learn through play, have heaps of fun, gain confidence and express himself/herself through music.


Image Credit: Creative Hearts - Centre For Performing Arts


Tue 17:00–17:45, Thu 04:00–16:45, Sat 09:45–10:30, Sun 10:45–11:30.




Kids Ticket: 36 SGD

Telephone number

+65 87679761



2 Pandan Valley, Bukit Timah/Holland Village

How to get there?

We are located inside Pandan Valley Condominium