Robotics classes Level 1 for kids aged 4-6 years

Robotics classes Level 1 for kids aged 4-6 years

Robotics classes Level 1 for kids aged 4-6 years


Course Description:

Level 1 introduces the fundamentals of building robots by explaining the basic structures of engineering design. It goes on to cover the basics of sensors coding, electro-mechanical circuitry. All of these will help develop a complete appreciation of robots and how to make them groove.

Our robotics for kids classes begin here. This is the perfect age for your kid to start learning the basics of robotics. By anchoring learning of the digital fundamentals with a pedagogy that fosters curiosity and initiative, your children will inevitably develop the love for learning all things digital. Consequently, navigating through technology and the digital world will be as natural as breathing for your children. Think about it!

Robots have and are increasingly replacing humans, not only on repetitive tasks but also many aspects of accounting, legal, marketing, banking operations and trading, research analyst and even surgeons and radiologist jobs. And the pace of change will only accelerate. Therefore, why not give your kids the edge by exposing them early to the digital world and help them develop the 21st-century skills to thrive in the volatile and uncertain future.


Image Credit: Future Ready Academy


1 September 2019 - 27 September 2020, time: 00:00-00:00.




One Month Course Fee: 240 SGD (For one month course fee.)

Telephone number

+65 90684060



1 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore, #03-06

How to get there?

One North Subway.