Get GungHo

Get GungHo

Get GungHo is an enrichment and multisport activities learning provider.


Our vision is to engage communities across Singapore to think, learn and play well by providing events and opportunities for growth and participation in an inclusive setting that offers safe, fun and enriched programmes of learning services and activities. 

The Get GungHo team is committed to providing sustainable and engaging events, services and activities for all communities across Singapore.  

Our beliefs are founded upon encouraging thinking and intercultural exchange, providing engaging learning opportunities and promoting skills that embed principled behaviours and a GungHo can-do attitude towards achieving one’s potential.

Sustainability and social responsibility lay at the heart of our engagement and enrichment programmes, underpinned by the Get GungHo beliefs in how kids learn. 

These beliefs are underpinned by our Golden Rules for Child Centred Activities, our 4 mechanisms for Positive Personal Development and our 6C’s Value System for Personal Development through Sport. 

These 3 core values are what the team at Get GungHo utilise to instill self esteem, self confidence and collaborative team building skills that inspire our children's belief in achievement, belonging and realising potential. 


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Organization's events

Free Trial Football Lessons @Get GungHo

Sat–Sun 09:00.

Summer Camps with Get GungHo

27 May - 29 May, time: 09:00-16:00
3 June - 7 June, time: 09:00-16:00
10 June - 12 June, time: 09:00-16:00
17 June - 21 June, time: 09:00-19:00
24 June - 26 June, time: 09:00-16:00
1 July - 4 July, time: 09:00-16:00
5 August - 11 August, time: 09:00-16:00
13 August - 15 August, time: 09:00-16:00.


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