Growing Up Gifted

Growing Up Gifted

They care deeply about providing an empowering learning environment.


Every effort is made to achieve this continuously with authentic expertise in curriculum, and high-quality teachers and resources. They know how to help children acquire the necessary skills for a head-start advantage, so that they experience a high level of success and joy in their milestone achievements. 

For over a decade now, Growing Up Gifted has excelled as a leading preschool and kindergarten in Singapore. They reach out to every student with:

  1. A top-notch preschool curriculum that has been developed with genuine care and expertise, and incorporates Gifted Education and Multiple Intelligences strategies.
  2. Progressive teaching methods & resources that encourage active participation, fun and discovery to successfully promote early literacy, self-confidence, creative thinking and social awareness.
  3. High quality teachers who are able to deliver the above with skill and devotion, so that every child may grow into a positive, well-balanced and successful individual.

Their programmes captivate and engage young students in the learning of language, literacy, logical thinking, math, social and problem-solving skills. Aside from award-winning phonics strategies, specially designed readers and teaching aids, they provide a host of exciting hands-on discoveries, science experiments, dramatic play and puppetry, action rhymes, music, creative art, cooking and other fun-filled activities.

Here are details on Growing Up Gifted's pre-nursery and kindergarten:

  • Preschool (8 months to 3.5 years old) - Growing Up Gifted’s preschool curriculum is based on the learning of various themes which span across subjects that children love or are fascinated with. Their methods successfully engage very young children in their learning of language, math, science, art, social and problem-solving skills by way of exciting hands-on discoveries and experiments, stories and rhymes, puppetry and music, fun-filled activities and games.
  • Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 (4 to 6 years) - Their thematic curriculum provides exciting stimulation and opportunity for reading, creative composition, cooking, art work, drama and musical instrument performances, journaling, science experiments, songs and games! There is just so much for students to learn, discover and feel excited about: English Literacy, Computer Studies, Science, Show & Tell, Mathematics, Speech & Drama, Chinese Literacy, Art & Craft, Social Studies, Music & Dance, Outdoor Games, School Library, Creative Writing, Cooking Fun. In their classrooms, they believe that very few topics or issues are too difficult for young children to grasp if they are explained with appropriate words, imagery and concrete analogies. Students are taught to think expansively, critically and compassionately, and to express themselves with reason and confidence.


  • GUG Preschool @ Tampines (HQ), 300 Tampines Avenue 5, Tampines Junction. #07-01/07, Singapore 529653;
  • GUG Preschool @ Thomson, 2 Derbyshire Road, Singapore.
  • GUG Preschool @ Katong, 30 East Coast Road, Katong V, #03-06, 428751


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Opening hours

Mon–Fri 09:00–18:30, Sat–Sun 09:30–18:00.


+65 6788 4722 (GUG Preschool @ Tampines / HQ)
+65 6258 4722 (GUG Preschool @ Thomson)
+65 6970 2198 (GUG Preschool @ Katong)



101 Thomson Road, United Square Singapore, Singapore 307591