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KIDZI Toon - Animation for Kids by Papa Very

KIDZI Toon - Animation for Kids by Papa Very

Digital storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.


It weaves the art of telling stories with a variety of digital multimedia, such as images, audio, and video.

Easy and fun for kids with great potential to develop their creative thinking. Your child will learn how to visualise and animate the story.

What you need:

  • Two devices: for zoom meeting (tablet/laptop) and a laptop for digital animation
  • No app needed. Everything will be done using the internet browser.

More details will be sent through email.

Remark: You will receive your booking confirmation email from that includes virtual workshop Meeting ID, password and printable (if any) shortly after you book. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

About Host

Papa Very is a father of 2. I like playing the guitar since I was 11. Both of my children like to play music too. Even we have a family band and we have performed at so many events. I taught my children how to play ukulele since they were younger and now, they can play it anytime they like.My family and friends called me “Magic finger” for a reason: quick-thinking problem-solving to make things work.

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Price: 12 SGD