New Zealand Nature Highlights Virtual Farm Tour

New Zealand Nature Highlights Virtual Farm Tour

KIDZI ARTeez Animal Series (was “The Animal Series with Mama Nisa”) is virtual workshop conducted by Super Host of Hommeet, Nisa Mustika.


In this workshop, your child not only will learn how to draw the animal, but also learn about the life of the animal itself through fun & engaging activities :

  • Video observation
  • Kahoot fun fact quiz
  • Find/match the shapes games
  • Therapeutic Drawing technique & colouring using basic shapes that made all drawing super easy to follow.

What to prepare:

  • Drawing block
  • Pencil & eraser
  • Colour pencils
  • A phone/tablet as second gadget
  • Download Kahoot App on the second gadget

About The Host

Nisa Mustika gained her degree and worked in Architecture Engineering before deciding to follow her passion – music. She has been running art workshops and conducting Angklung music ensembles in Singapore schools/communities. After raising her two kids, Nisa believes that when kids enjoy, they learn fast! Teaching in schools and performing together with her family (yes, they have a family band!) while she also conducted unique workshops that covers a little bit of everything- art, music and engineering! 

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Image Credit: Hommeet


31 October, 14:00–15:00.




per session: 15 SGD
4 sessions: 50 SGD