Kanpai Group

Kanpai Group

Cosmic Diner Singapore, founded by Cosmic Holdings Japan in 2014, offers a gastronomic experience with different spaces for social occasions and private settings.


With close to a decade of experience and 4 outlets in Singapore's Central Business District and Robertson Quay, they bring top-level operational excellence and execution, backed by research and diverse backgrounds of their team. Cosmic Diner offers four multi-concept Gastrobars with fresh concepts, cultural diversity, extensive food and drink options, great music, and customer service to complete the Cosmic Dining Experience.


Through years of experience and innovation in the food and beverage industry, Cosmic Diner has developed four multi-concept Gastrobars in Singapore. We aim to deliver fresh concepts and cultural diversity for our patrons. Our mission is to give you an authentic local bar experience where you can enjoy a well curated ambience. Priding ourselves with an extensive range of food and drinks, we offer great music and amazing customer service to complete the Cosmic Dining Experience.

Our Brands

  • Cocotto
  • Kanpai2
  • Kanpai789
  • Yoasobi


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11 Unity St, Singapore