Enrolling for 2022 Infant Care & Preschool! @Kinderland

Enrolling for 2022 Infant Care & Preschool! @Kinderland

In the first five years of their lives, what we impart to our children will lead the way forward into their future.


Every child is born with his/her unique talents and abilities. In Kinderland, we unearth the potential of each child and enable them to tap on their strengths to confidently reach their fullest aptitude. Kinderland’s preschool programme stirs curiosity, promotes creativity, expands capability, builds confidence, cultivates care and above all, sharpens communication as core competencies in our children. With this philosophy in mind, we have designed our curriculum around the K.I.N.D.E.R. multi-disciplinary lands to help your inquisitive child to learn better and more.

Through Kinderland’s curriculum, we build a strong foundation in numeracy, literacy, science, creative expression, independence and moral character in our children during their crucial early years.

  • Kinderland’s Time-Tested Curriculum

Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum is built around the K.I.N.D.E.R. multidisciplinary lands – Kineticland, Intelliland, Natureland, Digiland, EQland, cReativeland, covering six developmental domains based on learning areas identified by the Singapore Ministry of Education, in the Nurturing Early Learners framework.

  • Children’s Music Programme

The Children's Music Programme is taught by professional teachers. Instrument musical training develops the part of the brain that controls visual-spatial skills, vital for learning maths and science, while sharpening memory and improving verbal intelligence and literacy. The programme reinforces brain development and provides a booster for your child’s rapid brain growth in the first five years of his life.

  • Literacy Through I.T.

Developed in the U.S., this multi-sensory programme is designed to empower children to write even before learning to read. The primary objective is to drive their interest in conveying their thoughts in
words and expanding their creativity. Hence, children are encouraged to express their ideas freely using sound association, without needing to observe the rules of grammar. Improvements are introduced later to reinforce their learning.

  • KinderFit Cardio-Fitness Programme

KinderFit is a fitness cum cardio wellness programme for children that incorporates games and exercises to develop their confidence and ability to control their body movements. Here at Kinderland, your children enjoy 50% more physical activity than most of their peers. Our preschoolers are exposed to a balanced physical development programme that helps these rapidly growing young ones to build stronger bodies in preparation for more learning opportunities.

  • S.T.R.E.A.M.

In S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Reading & wRiting, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), children are engaged in exploration and effective learning through inquiry-based project work. Adding fun
elements into academic components, the exposure gives children the opportunity to think, plan, communicate and break down a big project into sizable tasks whilst enhancing social skills and building resilience and confidence as they overcome issues during the course work.

  • Character Development

Through EQland, our Character Development programme nurtures the caring Kinderland child to be curious, socially responsible, mindful, and have a growth mindset. This is especially crucial in preparing our children to live meaningfully and sustainably, moulding them as global citizens with a heart. 

Kinderland opens an amazing world of learning opportunities for your little ones—not just to ready them for school, but to empower them to be competent learners and achievers of tomorrow.

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22 October - 31 December, time: 08:00-16:00.



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