Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy

Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy

Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy is where your child learns about positive etiquette and good character traits.


Learning good etiquette and social manners will give a child the essential tools for life. The ability to build the awareness of others and respect to others shall equip a child to treat others kindly and empathetically, taking into account their feelings. At Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy, they deliver wide coverage of themes pertaining to etiquette, social manners and civility in their course curriculum.

These include:
• Fundamentals of Etiquette and Manners 
• Proper Introductions 
• Meetings and Greetings
• Good Handshakes
• Making Eye Contact
• Smile and Be Polite
• Posture and Deportment
• Table Manners / Dining Etiquette
• Netiquette and Social Media
• Self-respect and Respect for Others
• Showing Kindness to Others
• Out and About
• Party Etiquette – Invitations and Gifts
• Phone Etiquette
• Image and Confidence
• Basic Grooming and Dress for Success
• First Impression 
• Compliments
• Manners in Public Places
• Listening and Communications
• Manners in Schools
• Self-esteem and self-assurance
• Interviews
• Public Speaking
The programs and workshops are catered to pre-schoolers from the age of 3 to 6, school-going children from 7 to 12 years of age and adolescents from 13 to 19 years old. The workshops are conducted in a fun, exciting, and interactive manner for all participants.


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