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(Cancelled) Rhythm of Africa The Dynamic Springbok

(Cancelled) Rhythm of Africa The Dynamic Springbok

Licha Stelaus Productions once again brings to Singapore a dynamic boys choir from South Africa, the Drakensberg Boys Choir


 Winning world choral competitions, traveling and winning hearts, this boys choir brings you the rhythm of the heartland of Africa and the people.

Come be mesmerised by the mystic rhythms of Africa that will sure uplift your energy. One night only in Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore, a performance not to be missed.
Drakensberg Boys Choir School, built on the Tungay family farm in 1967, is a unique educational institution: the environment of UNESCO World Heritage inspires the adventurous spirit of the pupils, whilst the church's education tradition cultivates the mentality and expression skills of the boys' musical talents.
The weekly concert held on Wednesdays and annual "Music in the Mountains" festival have been recognized by the South African government as an important cultural event and have fostered a loyal audience around the world.
The choir recently participated in the biennial World Choir Competition in 2018 and won the gold medal in the Scenic Pop / Show Choir group. Performances combine beautiful voices and dynamic movements went viral on social media.

Early Bird tickets available 15 February, 2020

Image Credit: Licha Stelaus Productions 





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